Aura - Horizontal Bar Culture

1. Fooling Myself (Easy Access Mix) by King Kooba
2. Never The Same by Supreme Beings of Leisure
3. Hybrid Story by Grand Tourism
4. Café Style by To-Ka Projects
5. Party by Sporto Kantes
6. Breather 2000 by Afterlife
7. Where´s Your Moon by Aromabar
8. Yes it´s True by Taxi
9. Drummer Boy by Italian Secret Service
10. Breezin´ by Columba Corrina
11. Matumbana by Belladona
12. Back Road by LTJ X-perience
13. TU Estas Fatal (Never Kiss Me Again) by Vincenzo & Rivera
14. Late Lounge Lover by Hacienda
15. Watership Song by user´s atmosphere
Compilation, 15 Track CD
Release: June, 2001
distributed worldwide by BMG UK
Bianco Music UK