Malkasten Vol. VI

CD 1
1.The Timewriter "Diary of a lonely sailor"
2.Moo "Sunset at Keywest"
3.Cellar 55 "With or without you"
4.Eric Paque "Something about you"
5.Ohm-G "Bright Light"
6.Caia "Summer lightning"
7.Fragile State "Every Day a story"
8.Naoki Kenji "Voil du coeur"
9.Mambotur "El Planta" (Original Version
10.7-Hurtz "Malibu"
11.Fresh Moods "The Touch"
12.User´s Atmosphere "Watership Song" (Blackfish Remix)
13.Replique feat. Shirin "Such a shame" (Markus Güntner Remix)
14.Fortunato & Montresor "Imagine" (Imagination 2)
15.Deux "Deux" (Atmospheric Mix)

1.Louie Vega & Jay "Sinister" Sealee starring Julie Mc Knight "Diamond Life"
2.Kiko Navarro feat. Concha Buika "The perfect place"
3.Inaya Day vs. D-Squared "Save me" (Indeep Dub Mix)
4.Sandy Riviera "I can´t stop" (Pound Boys Hommage Mix)
5.Soul Rebels "The Revolution will not be televised" (Mike Millrain Club Mix)
6.Penn & Jabato "Sonido Urbano"
7.DJ Gregory "Elle"
8.Major Boys "Panamerica" (Milk & Sugar´s Southamericana Remix)
9.Mambana "Libre" (Axwell Essence Dub)
10.Big Bang Theory feat. Derek Conyer "Do you got funk?" (Vocal Mix)
11.Brown Sugar "I work it" (Club Mix)
12.Kid Creme feat. MC Shurakano "Down and under" (Club Mix)
13.Audio Drive "Voodoo Magic E.P." (Magic)
14.Global Brothers "Clap your hands" (Main Mix)

Compilation, 29 Track Double-CD
Release: October 2003
Label: Y3k (edel)